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Thursday, August 25, 2011


Hey my lil' spring rolls! another adventure!
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa POZAR!!!! Truly a gift from God! The road from Veria to Pozar is so beautiful...winding roads, with fields of peach trees, and chestnut trees to the right and to the left of you...and ahead are majestic mountains that separate Greece from the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. When we entered the park grounds, there were little tents set up, selling traditional homemade goodies...like jams and marmalades, honey, and different fruit desserts. Crowds of people flock to these waters for the therapeutic properties. I was just amazed when I went into the water...the springs were absolutely freezing...but as you went further in they gradually became warmer, and some areas were actually hot!...The water is coming from the same source, but it's the thermal plates underground that make some areas warm and hot. Just wonderful to be immersed in nature...even got up close and personal with a couple billy goats :D
The Loutra Pozar (Loutraki) is located in the Almopia province, 13 km. northwest of Aridaia, in the prefecture of Pella. It is spread on the foothills of Mount Kaimaktsalan. The site is built on the banks of Thermopotamos that crosses the region. The spa, hot water with constant temperature of 37 C, gushes from the mountain for over thousands of years, creating a stunning landscape of mountain and forest. Visitors arrive at the Spa from all arround Greece either to receive the beneficial properties of the hot water (treatment - relaxing), or to escape to the beautiful mountains, caves, or both. The facilities of the complex are organized in a small spa-resort with hotels, swimming pools, changing rooms, restaurants, bars, offering every possible service to the bather.

The hot springs of Loutra Loutrakiou or Loutra Pozar, are springing at an altitude of 360 -390 m.
They are created by rain water that penetrates the soil very deep, where it is heated, rises higher and in its course is enriched with minerals and other ingredients.
The healing properties of the water are recommended for diseases of the circulatory and respiratory system, rheumatism, gynecological and skin diseases.
The canyon stretches from the Greek borders till the Loutra. In a uniquely beautiful area, rich in wildlife and unspoiled vegetation and many waterfalls. Paved paths, benches and streets, running parallel to the Thermopotamo with the hot water but the also the river with the cold, pure water. Specially formed wooden bridges help the visitor to follow the mountain trails and reach the caves.

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