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I'm just a girl with a blog... I laugh uncontrollably...so much so I wake up from funny dreams laughing...my friends love that I can make them laugh, and always ask me what I'm on...my answer is milk of course :) I miss my friends like crazy! I was born and raised in Canada, T.O. to be exact :D currently living in Greece, still trying to get settled...uuummmm I can't start my day without blasting some tunes first, music puts a groove in my step and it's just how I like to start my day...I love drawing,reading, hair, makeup, and clothing...all the girly things in life...and my dream is to travel the world...i hope it comes true ~xoxo Stephi~

Friday, May 25, 2012

i want to get lost in beauty

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I crave...cotton candy skies...
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to be wherever this is...
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to escape and listen to the crashing of the waves
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to be surrounded by a hazy dream
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to plunge into the blue...
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I crave beauty all around

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

i crave...

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color & pattern
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wall to wall inspiration
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a loft library
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culture & character

XO Stephi

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


my kittens are growing and they're so flippin cute!!!  like just yesterday they were afraid to get out of their little crate and today they were seriously jumping in and out....bunch of rascals hehe oh and this is Manolaki and Piperaki, by the way...they say "meow", they haven't learned English yet :D

and this is Boubouki and Boubouniera, aren't their little blue eyes so cute???  I wish they'd stay blue, I can't wait to see what color they're going to turn out to be...aaaa their lil faces are so adorable, obviously trying to hide how much of trouble makers they truly are :D

had to take a pic of the mountains today, this is the view from my balcony, i don't know, the sky and colors are so hauntingly beautiful, for some reason I felt like I was in Ireland...I've been planning a trip with my friend to visit Ireland and Scotland, and I've been looking up places to go, so they're definitely on my mind.  If anyone lives in Ireland or Scotland, or have been please let me know what is a must to check out!!!

My mom is going back home in two weeks, so I bought some presents for my brother...It's almost been a year since I've seen him and I miss him tons, so I got him some musical instruments cause this is his style...this is such a cute drum, i love the sound it makes when the wooden beads hit either side of the hide

what are these called?  maracas? or something i'm not sure but they make a cool sound and i like the design, I think he'll like them too :)

and this whistle makes the coolest sound, you blow through the top and you move the stick at the bottom, up and down, and it kind of sounds like a bird :D

and finally I bought him a painting! I love the colors and they'll really go well in his place.
Anyway that's all from me.  Let me know what you've been up to these days.
XO Stephi

Friday, May 4, 2012


A big thank you to Yy who introduced me to fatmumslim photo a day challenges!!!
I had so much fun doing the April photo challenge and seriously I can't wait to do the May challenge...it looks super fun :)
If you are doing the challenge leave your link in a comment below because I love these types of posts
XO Stephi

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Day1. Me  Day2.  Hot Pink Ape at the Fair  Day3. Package from my Brother 

Day4.  My bro and I, I really miss him :(  Day5.  My Friend's Pet Bunny  Day6.  Stuffed Peppers and Tomatoes Fresh Out of the Oven
Day7.  My friends at the Park  Day8. Some Cash, My Cell, and My I.D.  Day9. Me, young :) with my mom in Florida

Day10. mmm Icy Cold Frappe  Day11. at Tzepos for a Pita and a Coffee  Day12.  Stairs on the Streets of Veria

Day13. Olive Oil Soap with My Name  Day14.  I'm Feeling Silly...Two boubounieres, a client gave me from her daughter's baptism  Day15.  The View from My Balcony
Day16.  Flowers on My Neighbor's Peach Trees  Day17.  Something I Don't Like?...Waiting for the Water to Boil!  Day18.  My Friend's Hair After I Gave Her Hi-Lights and Lo-Lights

Day19.  This Crazy Orange Bird at a Bird Conservatory I Went to  Day20.  I Dream of Peace in a World of Sorrow  Day21.  Water & Fanta

Day22.  A Box of Extremely Yummy Akanedes  Day23.  Vegetable Stands at the Market  Day24.  I'm Grateful for Having Amazing Friends (this was a gift from one of my girl's)
Day25.  My Babies  Day26.  Coin Cafe in Veria, One of the Busiest Spots, at Night Time, That Is.  Day27.  the Streets of Naousa 

Day28. 1pm on my Watch  Day29.  Circle of Friends Down at Pier 4  Day30.  Something That Makes Me Sad?  Thinking About Home, I Miss my bro and my friends...this is a Pic of the CN Tower in Toronto when I went to a festival last year
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