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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

zebra funk

"black creme"
"rasberry sorbetto"

 I love trying out new designs on my nails. I feel like it really finishes off any outfit, and there's just something really therapeutic in taking time to take care of yourself. I called the design Zebra funk :D

Zebra funk: first apply top coat and a coat of Borghese "rasberry sorbetto" to all nails except the "ring" fingers of both hands. The ring fingers paint black with wet'n'wild's "black creme".  Then using a cosmetic sponge, dip into the black polish, stipple on to the nail close to the cuticle and lighten as you work towards the free edge. Next apply pink polish on the cosmetic spong and lightly sponge over top of the black.  Let dry.  Final step using a toothpick or something fine add white dots close to the cuticle and space them out as you get near to the free edge.  On the ring fingers make zebra stipes using the white polish.  finish off with your favourite top coat.
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"white on"

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

french hearts

This look is super cute.  I got so many compliments.
heart manicure
materials: base/top coat, Sally Hansen Xtreme wear "white on", Borghese "rasberry sorbetto", konad nail stamping plate "m56", konad nail stamper and scraper.

Start off with a base coat, do a simple french manicure allow to dry.  Use "rasberry sorbetto" on the heart stamping plate. Scrape off excess polish, and roll the stamper over the design.  Align the hearts with the french tip and apply the stamping in a rolling motion.  Apply top coat.
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Saturday, November 5, 2011

city colors

If you're in the Veria area check out "elia city colors", an open concept bar/cafe.  My cousins and I regularly go to this spot for late night drinks.  The atmosphere is hip and modern...and the dj keeps the tunes flowin'.  I love the different color lights and not to mention the view...you can see the whole city lit up from where you're sitting. 

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