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I'm just a girl with a blog... I laugh uncontrollably...so much so I wake up from funny dreams laughing...my friends love that I can make them laugh, and always ask me what I'm on...my answer is milk of course :) I miss my friends like crazy! I was born and raised in Canada, T.O. to be exact :D currently living in Greece, still trying to get settled...uuummmm I can't start my day without blasting some tunes first, music puts a groove in my step and it's just how I like to start my day...I love drawing,reading, hair, makeup, and clothing...all the girly things in life...and my dream is to travel the world...i hope it comes true ~xoxo Stephi~

Saturday, August 27, 2011

katerini beach at night

Hey my lil' swedish berries :D This weekend a friend and I stayed a couple of nights at Hotel Chronis in Katerini, Greece. The owner was so cute, in a older man sort of way :D He was so nice and helpful and the hotel was so clean.  They served breakfast in the morning.  Toast and jam, hard boiled eggs, different kinds of salads, fruits, sausages, homefries, coffee, and juice.  Always nice to start your day off with a good breakfast.  Then it was off to the beach.  Katerini beach is definitely a family beach, people come from all over the world to enjoy the clean safe waters. 

What about the night life???!!!!  The best part of being in Katerini is that they close off the main street along the beachfront, where all the stores and restaurants are, around 7pm.  Everyone, and I mean everyone is out walking, eating, shopping at night....it's the best time to be out because you don't have the scorching sun slowing you down.  Vendors are set up selling fresh corn on the cob...mmmmmm yummy, warm roasted nuts, and caricature artists are always waiting to draw your portrait.  Night time is the best time.  It's also the perfect time to pick up any souvenirs because you'll find statue shaped ouzo bottles, cool shell bracelets, and olive oil soaps.

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