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Sunday, February 12, 2012

i love ponies...

and ponytails of course!!!
grow hair!...groooow hahaha another style i can't wait to rock :)
Olivia Wilde at the premiere of "Cowboys and Aliens" was sporting this ultra chic bubble pony.
Super simple to do, just tie your hair, and tease near the tie, then place a clear elastic a little further down, and kind of pull at the hair to create the bubble effect...continue all the way down!
easy peasy lemon squeezy ^.^


  1. Oh wow that's such a cool hairdo. She looks very classy and chic.

    ♥ from the NaNa girls x

  2. Oh this is cute, my sister used to do this all the time when she was little! I'd almost forgotten about it!

  3. ooh i want to try this! i'm terrible at doing my hair but i think this i could manage : )


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